Soovitus: Voice Of Voices – Police State (Lock Me Down)

who do you learn for
urself or to burn all
others concerned of
terror in this world

ur eyes r shut,
minds r cut,
they’re policemen to the whole world
and you’re here thinking what
will it be like
if they start another strike
not long til the fourth reich
for you they wont fight

problem, reaction, solution, pollution
troubled evolution equals execution
revolution – locked down til we
tear down this lucific institution

lock me down
or live and drown

to live in police state
leaves us nothing more that hate
we’re betrayed by fate leaving
bait before the great hell’s gates

the war on terror
is truly full of errors
who ever takes pleasure of horror
has never seen themselves in the mirror

nothing left
but theft and debt
soon there’ll be death
take a big breath

Voice Of Voices

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